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Choosing the perfect Web Hosting plan depends a lot on what you do or intend to do with your website. At BKHosting you have many options available to ensure you get a great hosting plan at the best price based on your needs and budget.


You can get unlimited websites, databases, bandwidth transfer, free SSL & SSD, unlimited email and LiteSpeed web server for up to 9 times faster load time for your website with all our web hosting plans.


The difference in web hosting price plans is mainly related to the SSD storage space, the number of entry processes and CPU power allocated. How much of these services you need depends on what type of media and interactions you will be hosting towards your website (basic website with text versus website with tons of images, videos, low traffic vs high traffic website, etc). Please note that your email account storage is counted as storage space, so this can also boost your needs.


At BKHosting we are flexible and allow you to change your plan at anytime from the client area, so if your hobby or business grows over time you can easily upgrade to a plan that suits your needs.


If you have any questions, or need help contact us anytime.

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