What Web Hosting plan do i choose? Choosing the perfect Web Hosting plan depends a lot on what you do or intend to do with your... Can I build my website with BKHosting tools? Websites can be built in different ways, by hand-coding with HTML or using website builder tools,... Do I pay more after my first year with BKHosting? At BKHosting we value innovation and transparency. Our goal is to offer the best customer... Does BKHosting offer a money back guarantee? Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are sure you will be pleased by all BKHosting... Does BKHosting offer dedicated email accounts? (e.g. [email protected]) When you purchase any of the BKhosting web hosting plans ( Web Hosting, Business Hosting,... How do I know how many people visited my site? At BKHosting you have the possibility to check statistics regarding your website visitors... How do I login to BKHosting cPanel? When you purchase one of the BKHosting web hosting plans you automatically receive access to... How does Web Hosting work? Once you purchase one of our web hosting plans, we store your website on a BKHosting server and... How to create a backup of my website? At BKHosting we take good care of our servers and ensure we protect our customer data by doing... How to migrate my website to BKHosting? If you already have a website and want to move your web hosting to BKHosting follow the steps... How to reset my BKHosting cPanel password?  You can change your BKHosting cPanel password from MY ACCOUNT using the step-by-step... What are SSL Certificates? All BKHosting web hosting plans include SSL Certificates for free. These are assigned... What happens if I exceed resources allocated to my web hosting account? We want all our customers to receive quality services! We commit to deliver the most important... What is Storage SSD and how much do I need? SSD (Solid-State Drive) is new storage technology that uses flash memory for enhanced performance... What is Web Hosting? Web hosting allows business, organizations, or individuals to get their website or application... What is a domain name? Every website needs a domain name as this serves as an unique identifier. This service helps you... What is bandwidth and how much do I need? In web hosting bandwidth refers to the amount of data that your website can deliver to your users... What is shared Web Hosting? Shared hosting is the most economical option when it comes to web hosting. This option allows... What services does BKHosting offer? Business Solutions   We offer a wide variety of IT services such as web hosting, domains, SSL...
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