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When you purchase one of the BKHosting web hosting plans you automatically receive access to cPanel.

Your cPanel user name and password is emailed to you part of the web hosting confirmation notifications that you receive after your BKHosting account is created.


Once you have an account with BKHosting, you can login to cPanel as follows:


Login to cPanel from MY ACCOUNT

  1. Go to and click MY ACCOUNT in the upper right side.
  2. Login with Facebook, Google, or your Email Address.

Note: Your BKHosting account is activated after submitting your first order. The Login method for your account is defined during the order process, at Checkout. See how to create a BKHosting account.

  1. From your account click SERVICES.
  2. Click your domain.
  3. Click Login to cPanel or use Quick Shortcuts.
  4. You are now automatically logged in BKHosting cPanel.


Login to cPanel from your Browser

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to https://yourdomain/cPanel (e.g. )
  2. Login with your BKHosting cPanel credentials. Note: You can reset your cPanel password from MY ACCOUNT. See detailed information.

If you have questions, or need help contact us anytime.

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