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Your BKHosting account is automatically created as soon as you submit the first order. 


MY ACCOUNT allows you to easily:

  • Manage active services or order more,
  • Open support tickets,
  • Update contact information,
  • See knowledge articles with step-by-step instructions on the most common topics
  • See the latest BKHosting promo-announcements,
  • Update billing information,
  • And much more… explore your account and let us know if you have any questions anytime.


Login to your BKHosting account:

1.     Go to https://www.bkhosting.eu/

2.     In the upper-right side, click My Account

My Account


3.     Login with Facebook, Google, or your Email Address

Note: Your BKHosting account is activated after submitting your first order. The Login method for your account is defined during the order process, at Checkout. See how to create a BKHosting account.




4.     Explore all available options under MY ACCOUNT

Account Details


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